Design is at the centre of all of our homes

Our homes reflect our approach as a company: relaxed, reliable, and thoughtful.

Philosophy of Design

“All fine architectural values are human values, or else not valuable.” Frank Lloyd Wright made that observation. We couldn’t agree more.

We think about how people feel, what they care about; what allows them to find comfort in one place but not another. Our inspiration has come from the human values of buildings we’ve observed in many parts of the world.

One time, it was noticed in a famous restaurant, Le Pre Catelan, in Paris, a romantic setting of classic proportions and high ceilings. For all its grandeur, there was intimacy. That’s where life finds its most meaningful expression.

Coliving Toronto


Our particular design language of inspiration starts with small things – feelings, nuances, details. And from that can be built what will contain and celebrate the energy and beauty of life.

Coliving Toronto

Clutter-free living

Experts organizing your beautiful residence

Coliving Toronto
Coliving Toronto

We make note of that sense of elegant intimacy, and bring it to our discussions with architects and interior designers when designing our residences.

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